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The Chimes – July-August 2021


White Stone Baptist Church is back in the sanctuary for worship on Sunday mornings at 10:00 a.m.

We hope you will join us!

 Online Services will be available also:  

Phone Numbers And Web Address

You can listen to our worship service by calling

1-551-241-6061 or by going online at https://join.freeconferencecall.com/wsbc11.

You can also hear a recording of each Sunday’s service by calling 1-720-740-9894 and use the access code 3523449.  Call our church voice mail or log onto our website for the Reference number.



Pastor’s Column

Whom Should We Call To Serve As A Deacon?

It is time once again for our Deacons to request your assistance in their task of nominating as many as three or more individuals to serve as Active Deacons beginning in October to replace those who are rotating off.  On the first two Sundays in July they will provide you forms on which you can indicate your suggestions as to whom you believe should be nominated. As you prayerfully begin to consider your suggestions, I would ask you to keep in mind that their primary duty is to share with me the responsibility of promoting and protecting the spiritual health and welfare of our church as a whole and of each of our members.  They do that now in part by serving on a Deacon team in which they are most interested.

As our By-laws state, the “Deacons are to be the spiritual servants of the church” who serve along “with the Pastor in performing pastoral ministries.”  So, while their most visible tasks may be preparing and serving communion and assisting candidates for Baptism, their essential role is to care for the spiritual welfare of the church.

For this role the Scriptures suggest that: 

  • Deacons should give evidence of being dedicated to the presence and guidance of God’s Spirit in their personal life and in their daily work;

  • Because of the Spirit’s guidance Deacons will have the wisdom both to choose and act wisely in all matters; and,

  • Deacons should have a deepening understanding of their faith.

Scripture also states that the consensus of opinion about a Deacon, both within the church and the community, should be that he/she is a good, loving and trustworthy person.  

The only other requirements of our By-Laws are that Deacons must be members of the Church and at least 25 years of age.  Both women and men can serve as Deacons here at WSBC.

Pray that God will lead you in making your suggestions and that those asked will pray for discernment as to God’s will for their lives right now.               

Grace and Peace to you all.

Pastor Jeff




Food Pantry News for June

The June food pantry has been going well.  We have had to scramble for volunteers because a number of our regulars have been out of town.  This will probably continue throughout the summer as volunteers go on vacation. So if any of you can help, even for one Tuesday, contact Ann and let her know. 

We had another interesting donation of food this month.  One Tuesday morning, an officer from the Virginia Marine Police came by with a big (but obviously not big enough) cobia.  It had been confiscated because it was too small but still very fresh.  He asked us if we wanted it and Jim Daile, our fisherman volunteer, took it home at lunchtime, cleaned and packaged it and brought the filet pieces back to give away.   We were pleased that the officer thought of us and we were able to use it.  We never know what to expect!

We have had plenty of food again this month and the selection of produce is growing again. 

Please continue to keep us in your prayers and volunteer during the summer to help us out with vacations. 

Roger and Sue Donaldson 


The EMMAS are continuing to work on the bedrooms upstairs at the Friendship house.  We have purchased sheets and towels to use and are planning on cleaning out the closets and bookcases upstairs and deciding what else is needed to make those rooms comfortable. 

In June, we carried out homemade meals for 20 people: regular meals on wheels families and five from our church.  Meals included homemade barbeque, slaw, macaroni and cheese, deviled eggs and pound cake.  No one turned it down! We continue to support our child in South America with monthly donations.  We are again meeting monthly and would love to have more people join us. 

 Also, if you have an idea for a service project for local use, let us know.  We are always open to taking on more. (within reason!)

Who We Are

Someone recently asked “who are the EMMAS”?

EMMAS began on March 27, 2003, when 15 women met at Rappahannock Westminster-Canterbury to organize a new mission group for working women and young mothers who could only attend evening meetings.  The name EMMAS was chosen and is an acronym for “Evelyn Murray Mission Action Sisterhood” in memory of Evelyn Murray whose leadership in missions in WSBC inspired and laid the foundation upon which this group was formed.  The goal of the group was to serve and support the mission work of the Association, BGVA, CBF, our church family, the community and the world through prayer and service projects.  All women were (and still are) invited to join.


Memorial Gifts

There have been a total of 17 donations made to the Memorial Fund since January 1st through June 30th, 2021.

     Memorial gifts include donations to the Food Pantry (pet food designated) in memory of “Beau” Revere, to the Memorial Fund in memory of Betty Gay Dawson, and to the Memorial Fund, to the Music Fund, and to the Scholarship Fund in memory of Carol Johnson.

     White Stone Baptist Church wishes to thank everyone who has given so generously.  May God’s blessings be yours.

                                                              Joyce Pittman, Memorial Fund Secretary


A Note from Sue and Roger

While our family was on vacation at the beach, we lost our little dog who ran away when a freak commotion occurred.  She was gone for 26 hours and we were frantic and devastated.  During that time, we got texts and emails from our church family, keeping us and Ramen in their prayers.  It was the only comforting part of the ordeal.  When we finally found her, one of the business owners on the boardwalk that we had talked to said he had been praying that we would find her.  He said, “all prayers and good thoughts always help, no matter what.”  We felt your love from a distance. 

Sue and Roger


















May  –  2,9,16,23,30  10:00 a. Worship Service in the sanctuary and online

April 6,13,20,27 – 1:00-3:00 p.m. – Drive Through FOOD PANTRY Open









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