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The Chimes – May 2021


WSBC will be back in the sanctuary for worship beginning Easter Sunday, April 4th

 Online Services will be available also:  

Phone Numbers And Web Address

You can listen to our worship service by calling

1-551-241-6061 or by going online at https://join.freeconferencecall.com/wsbc11.

You can also hear a recording of each Sunday’s service by calling 1-720-740-9894 and use the access code 3523449.  Call our church voice mail or log onto our website for the Reference number.



Pastor’s Column

Summer Virtual Bible Study – Psalms:  Songs From the Heart of Faith

I invite you to join our Summer virtual Bible Study on Wednesdays beginning June 2 as we meet on FreeConferenceCall.com.  We will be using the book, Psalms: Songs from the Heart of Faith, which focuses on 14 of the psalms that are quoted in the New Testament.

Too many Christians have made the mistake of shortchanging this intense and passionate collection of songs of faith.  The New Testament is witness to the importance of Psalms in Christian faith.  For one thing Psalms was one of Jesus’ favorite books of his Bible and he quotes from it often.  Furthermore, the New Testament quotes Psalms more than any other Old Testament book and alludes to many passages from them.  There is obviously something key to our faith to be found in this Old Testament book.

Through this study we can expect to see both the importance that our earliest Christian ancestors saw in many of the psalms and the important and meaningful applications in that book for our own lives, our own faith, today.

One of my heroes of the Christians faith, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, said of the Psalms: “Whenever the Psalter is aban­doned, an incomparable treasure is lost to the Christian church. With its recovery will come unexpected power.”

I invite you to join me and others as we recover the unexpected power of the book of Psalms.  Two 45-minute sessions will be offered each Wednesday: one at 3:30 p.m. and the other at 6:45 p.m. Please let me know of your interest.

May the Grace, Love and Peace of our God be with you all!

Pastor Jeff


May 23, 2021


Our graduates and Scholarship Recipients will be recognized at the Worship Service at 10:00 a.m.



Food Pantry News for April

April has not been as warm a month as we had hoped.  We have had a few blustery days.  But as we remember February, not really so bad!

March was a busy month for us but April, not so much.  Our numbers are considerably down.  We have talked with the other local food pantries and they all agree.  We are thinking that the stimulus checks have helped people to not need the free food as much.  Most of our elderly clients have continued to come, but our younger families have skipped so far this month.

We continue to have those nice farm boxes from USDA to give out.  We also have a good amount of cheddar and swiss cheese.  Dug In Farm contributed 41 dozen eggs to us.  As always, eggs are one of the best things we can give our clients because they last a long time and are so versatile.  If you shop at Dug In, please thank them for their contribution.  This is not the first time they have contributed food to us.

Our happiest news is that all of our regular volunteers have been fully vaccinated.  It is a real blessing that all of our volunteers came to help each Tuesday during COVID and none of them got sick.  We know it isn’t over but we are so thankful we have come this far. 

Please continue to keep the volunteers and our clients in your prayers. 

Roger and Sue Donaldson        




May  –  2,9,16,23,30  10:00 a. Worship Service in the sanctuary and online

April 6,13,20,27 – 1:00-3:00 p.m. – Drive Through FOOD PANTRY Open









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