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The Chimes – August 2022


White Stone Baptist Church is back in the sanctuary for worship on Sunday mornings at 10:00 a.m.

We hope you will join us!

 Online Services will be available also:  

Phone Numbers And Web Address

You can listen to our worship service by calling

1-551-241-6061 or by going online at https://join.freeconferencecall.com/wsbc11.




Deacon Note

             Over the last 60 days, we have had the pleasure of hearing some exceptional pastors share some very powerful messages, full of intimate personal challenges and convictions that they’ve been able to overcome with their strong and rooted faith in our kind and loving God.    I feel we’ve been incredibly lucky, as a few in particular have demonstrated qualities that left just about every person in for worship saying, “we’ve got to have him as our Interim!”.  

            The gentlemen I’m referring to were extremely flattered to hear what a positive impact they were able to have during their time spent with us on Sundays and, while they are committed elsewhere on a regular basis, they feel fortunate to have helped us on our journey and show us what qualities are important to both bring us together as a congregation and leave us feeling filled with the spirit, ready to show God’s love in how we live and treat others.

            The term “timing is everything” has been proven again these last few months, as summer has many potential Interim’s wanting to enjoy family time and travel until the Fall, but we are moving forward and will get there and now we know where we are trying to go!

            Thank you to each person who has prayed for God to show us the path he has for us and for each and every person who has helped with more traditional items throughout the month – setup, in the office, music, worship service, etc.  What a kind and loving congregation we have!

                                                                                Megan Stephens, Deacon Co-Chair


Food Pantry News from July

July has been a hot month, but most of the Tuesdays we have had some shade and breeze so not so awful outside.  We are hoping August will be the same.  We received around $1400 from people who made donations to the food pantry in Ginger Harper Ruitt’s memory.  It does seem in life that loss can also bring blessings. 

In June, we had fish and soft crabs from Miss Mary’s Seafood that our clients loved.  This month we had frozen seafood from Healthy Harvest that included: cod fish, salmon, shrimp, crab legs and whole lobsters! Our clients were surprised and thrilled.  We also have lots of produce potatoes, onions, cabbage, cukes, tomatoes, squash, watermelon…ahh summer in Virginia.  Interesting enough, we also got prepacked boxes of produce that were labeled from North Carolina Agriculture Department that included: cabbages, squash, sweet potatoes and pineapples!  Who knew they grew pineapples in North Carolina?  We don’t know why or how we got these boxes but they were full of really nice and fresh produce so we were glad to give them away. 

You may remember that we decided to start giving out eggs in mid-March because we wanted to increase what we gave and eggs seemed something easy that everybody could use.  We made arrangements to buy 30 dozen a week from Tri-Star.  When we started, they cost $1.79 a dozen which we thought was expensive but we could afford it.  As you probably know, they have steadily increased in price, and they are now $4.15 a dozen.  We simply cannot afford this any longer so we have cancelled our order.  We hope, with time, the price will go back down and we can start again. e have had volunteers on vacation but thus far, we have had enough substitutes to fill in.  Please continue to keep our pantry, clients and volunteers in your prayers. 

                                                                                              Roger and Sue Donaldson


White Stone Baptist Church Family,

           All of you are wonderful!  Thank you for your gifts, kindness and comforting words. We are truly grateful for your loving expression of sympathy during this difficult time.

       You helped us through a difficult day with grace.

                                                       The families of Ada Dix Harper and Ginger Harper Ruit


             Thank you, Pastor Dennis, for helping us with a beautiful service and a special song and guitar                   accompaniment.

            Thank you to Ann and Gary for the beautiful organ and piano music.

            Thank you to everyone who helped with a beautiful and delicious reception.

            Thank you to Ann for helping with our memorial bulletins as well as all the extra help we needed.

            Thank you for all the cards.

            Most of all, thank you to everyone who has been keeping us in your prayers. We can feel our Lord              carrying us through our new walk without our loved ones.

                                                                     In Christian Love, Barbara Owens and family


Thank you to everyone who helped me during the month of July while I was deacon of the month.  I couldn’t have done it without you and I appreciate it so much.  I love all of you very much.

                                                                              In Christian love,  Frances Saunders

Sunday, August 14th

Worship Service at 10 a.m.


followed by the Church picnic at the Friendship Community House.

There will be corn hole and croquet, etc. for those wishing to play and

fellowship around the NEW picnic tables.

Lunch will be at approximately 11:30 a.m.

Fried chicken, bread & beverage provided. 


Your favorite picnic dish to share, a fun outdoor game if you wish and


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~MONDAY NIGHT FELLOWSHIP


DINNER: 6:00 P.M.

Menu: Spaghetti, Tossed Salad, Bread and Dessert

PROGRAM: 7:00 P.M. – TBA





























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