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The Chimes – January 2023


White Stone Baptist Church Service is in the sanctuary for worship on Sunday mornings at 10:00 a.m.

We hope you will join us!

 Online Services will be available also:  

Phone Numbers And Web Address

You can listen to our worship service by calling

1-551-241-6061 or by going online at https://join.freeconferencecall.com/wsbc11.



A Note from Pastor Mike


What’s in a New Year?

You may have seen the game on Monday Night Football between the Bills and the Bengals. These are highly rated teams with very talented quarterbacks. It promised to be a shootout. The teams traded scores, and soon thereafter on a simple tackle by a 24 year old physically fit defensive safety, the tackler stood up and immediately collapsed due to a cardiac arrest. His heart stopped. CPR was administered. His heart was restarted. And as I write, Damar Hamlin is alive in critical condition. 

The game was suspended. All the fans left respectfully. The TV announcers were left unprepared to deal with the tragic event that left players and coaches on both teams in shock. Huge professional football players were deeply affected and turned into big teddy bears, some with eyes glazed and others visibly crying, hugging one another. Helmets were off and their humanity was on public display.

As medical help was administered members of both teams knelt out of respect, with a number also bowing their heads in prayer. They realized they could do nothing to help their teammate or sporting opponent, and turned to God in prayer. The entire Bills team, coaches, assistants and players, were seen on the field, kneeling as one in public view, in prayer. What a moment!

I thought, in a country where it has taken expensive court cases to give high school coaches permission to once again lead their teams in voluntary prayer, on this day and at this game no one was yelling, “you are offending me, you can’t pray”! God’s help was needed and called upon by many far and wide. In a moment, prayer came into its own on a football field. 

Meanwhile, back in the broadcasting booth at ESPN, the announcers who were tasked with filling up time found themselves completely unprepared. There was no script or teleprompters telling them what to say. While one focused on the value of a human life over the highly popular sport of football, another announcer picked up on the same theme, and all the other could repeatedly say, was, we need to pray. An ESPN announcer became an evangelist for prayer. Wow. 

The value of a single life was on public display along with the value of prayer.

I believe this was a call of our nation to prayer!

Is God also calling White Stone to prayer?

For me, it reinforced the importance of prayer that intercedes for others and the need to be prepared to tell people about Jesus. Life can be tragically short.

What’s in a new year! A year of prayer! A year to value every life! A year of evangelism!

Pastor Mike


Food Pantry News from December


We had a very good December delivery of food.  We had some money left over from buying turkeys for Thanksgiving and we also had a sizeable donation of money for eggs.  So we took the remaining turkey money and the egg money and added a little to it and we were able to buy eggs for everyone in December.  This is quite the thing since eggs costs $5.69 a doz. when we last bought them. (now over $6.00)  Our clients were very happy to get the eggs.  We also had the same woman who showed up in November, show up again the first part of December with 25 envelopes with Christmas cards with $25 in each.  As you might expect, our clients were thrilled to get that and said an extra $25 at Christmas could really help. 

Along the same lines as unexpected acts of kindness, this past Tuesday, we had a man, who we did not know, walk up and give us 5 tickets to the White Stone Fire Department’s oyster dinner.  He said he likes to make a contribution to the fire department and he rides by and sees the work that our food pantry is doing and thought he could combine the  two.  So he gave us 5 free tickets to give out to our clients for the oyster dinner.  Again, the five who got those tickets, were very pleased.  Wait until they get to eat those delicious oysters and they will be even happier.  We are always pleased when we can be a part of another community organization’s service. 

We also had this past week two separate donations of fresh produce.  Dug-in Farms is closing for a few weeks in January and they brought us lettuce, tomatoes, apples, peppers, a big box of pecans and a big basket of decorated Christmas cookies and gingerbread people.  Indian Creek Yacht and Country Club is also closing for a few weeks in January their kitchen brought us fresh herbs, lettuce, celery, tomatoes, peppers, potatoes and limes.  We are so grateful to be on businesses list to bring us the food they can’t use instead of throwing it away the way we hear of many businesses doing.  They show their concern for our community and their desire to not waste good food. 

We have had donations of Christmas cards, wrapping, boxes and bags all year and we saved them to give out in December.  People were happy to get these and commented on how it would help save them money.  So if you have extra as you pack away your Christmas stuff, we’ll take them. 

Almost forgot to mention that we got a new freezer this past month.  One of our old freezers was being kept alive by Stewart but was on its last (broken) leg.  The church found out they had a past credit at Noblett’s and with a little additional money, we were able to get a new one.  Even the old freezer didn’t go to waste because one of our volunteers took it home to use for crab bait. (throw nothing away that still has some use…as our grandparents taught us)

The one sad note for December was that one of our regular and dedicated schleppers has moved away.  We were really sorry to see him go and we are without a replacement.  We could really use another volunteer on Tuesday afternoons from 12:45 until 3:15.  We will  pray that God sends us someone (or two).

Roger and Sue Donaldson


An Extra Helping Hand

An Extra Helping Hand will be open during February.

They are still in need of children’s coats (we have none), gloves, boots (all sizes), extra large print Bibles around 1/4” or larger (we have none), towels, wash cloths and small clean appliances that work.

Thank you to all our volunteers.

                                                Barbara Owens, WMU Director


Hope for Appalachia – 2023

The MTBA will participate in the Hope for Appalachia project again in 2023. This is the mission project that is designed to respond to some of the school and health needs of students who live in the Appalachia region of Virginia and Kentucky. The preparation phase has begun. The packing day will be February 18th at Hermitage Baptist Church.



A White Stone Baptist & Island Church Christmas

Churches joining together for Worship

 Sister churches came together to celebrate the birth of Jesus, our Savior!  Christmas Eve we joined together at WSBC to celebrate the coming of the Christ Child.  Christmas Day we gathered at Island Church to worship the Newborn King.

It was a joy to be together for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day services.
































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